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MY BREATHING BUDDY with case and bulb inflator

MY BREATHING BUDDY with case and bulb inflator


 Get our first Basic MY BREATHING BUDDY 2.0. including the case and inflator bulb.


My Breathing Buddy , from Anatomy of Sound LLC, is a groundbreaking 3-D printed moving breath simulator that lets you physically hold and see, on the outside, what's happening on the inside of your body - every time you breathe.


My Breathing Buddy is our hands-on solution for hands-off teaching.


It's touchless teaching, taken anywhere with you. It doesn’t need to connect to the internet just yet, you can just hold it up to be reminded – it has the ability to take the words right out of your mouth. Inflate with the bulb and practice the breath speed, length and depth both on the inhale and the exhale.

SHIPPING $12 UPS• NO REFUNDS after 30 days of Shipment. 



  • Dear Owner

    “Dear Owner”

    Because your Breathing Buddy will often travel with you to lessons and performances, it’s important to know your Buddy’s likes and dislikes about care and cleaning. So here are some notes we’ve been asked to pass on, to help you take excellent care of your Breathing Buddy.

    • “Lips off!” Never blow directly into your Breathing Buddy. Always use the Inflator Bulb provided with your purchase.


    • “I’m safe in my case!” When your Breathing Buddy is not in use, return it to its protective carrying case, just as you do with your musical instrument.


    • “Don’t leave me in a hot car!” Protect your Breathing Buddy from extreme temperatures, especially from exposure to direct sunlight.


    • “I can’t swim!” Do not immerse your Breathing Buddy in water, as the 3-D printed model cannot expel moisture.


    • “Air or sponge bath only, please.” To clean the exterior of your Breathing Buddy, you may 1) use the air bulb to blow off dust, or 2) spray a household cleaner (such as Windex) onto a wet paper towel and lightly brush clean.


    • “I am not a chew toy!” Be sure to inform your pets that your Breathing Buddy is not a toy. It does not have a “squeaker” device and must always be kept out of reach of pets.


    Breathe better, live better.

    From your team at

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