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We are musicians, doctors,
difference makers.


  We're offering for the first time:

  • A revolutionary new development in "My Breathing Buddy" patent pending.

  • AOS as a pathway to your performing career, using your life and breath.

  • Easy to start! Easy to maintain! Personalized practice!


Laura Dwyer

AOS-Wellness Creator and Faculty

 (Click on photo for Bio)


Dr. David Brown

AOS Team and Conference Faculty

(Click on photo for Bio)


Dr. Brian Dunbar

AOS-Wellness Staff  (Click on photo for Bio)

Amy Porter

Founder, CEO Anatomy of Sound LLC

VoiceBox 3-D LLC  (Click on photo for Bio)

Adam Photo.png

Adam Workman

AOS Team and Faculty  

(Click on photo for Bio)

Dani Maeng

AOS-Wellness Media Team  (Click on photo for Bio)


AOS-Wellness Contributor

Cheryl Emerson

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