Unleash the fullest potential of every breath

Breath is critical to performers and the stakes are high to win that part or that post. That's why teaching with physical touch has always been part of the training, not just in music lessons, but also in dance, drama, and sports medicine, and the list goes on. But sometimes that is uncomfortable.

And where can we go after the lesson, session or rehearsal is over?

When you click on FREE, hit the INHALE / EXHALE link for your solution

If a panic attack happens, you can remember our exercises, meditations, quotes or say "I have my Breathing Buddy"  and can understand the solution.


The diaphragm is connected to the vagus nerve - you know the one -  it controls our fight or flight response system.  Teachers can be recommenders about how not to cross boundaries of physical touch during the lesson.


We also care about influencing children to learn the basics of breathing so they can influence others.

We want to help people fall asleep after quietness or while holding their Breathing Buddy, we want to aid physical therapists, aid mental health counselors, athletes and so many more people who understand the power of inhaling and exhaling purposefully.