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Welcome to AOS-Wellness, new home of the Anatomy of Sound™ Workshop and MY BREATHING BUDDY

My co-creator Laura Dwyer and I want you to dip into the waters of our new wellness brand and enjoy it to the fullest.

Our curriculum offers videos and products that help you make the most of your performances and your life, your routines, and your practices.

We'll always give away some of our AOS content for free, reserving something for members only. Click FREE and enjoy our free resources.

For members, we'll have introductions to amazing guests and topics, just for people who want more.

Something different, every month.


I needed to help the world of musicians that I interact with daily and wanted to provide a platform for others' work to shine, namely Laura Dwyer.

I thought of an online space, linking you to some of the best minds and life coaches that have changed me and countless other people.

With over 20 years of our Anatomy of Sound workshop, we had a wealth of knowledge from body movement to stress management that could be taught easily.

We wanted a site where people could come without time, money or creativity wasted.

A site where all my teachings could cohabitate together – creating a beautiful palette of prescriptions for joy, contemplation and inner peace.

In my life of self-care, I turn to muscle testing, homeopathy, western medicine, eastern medicine, everything - all in the fight to be cancer-free, stress-free, and anger-free at age 58. I've always trusted the body's ability to communicate wellness and dis-ease and kept curious about it all my life.

Now, with the help of so many doctors and engineers, "MY BREATHING BUDDY" has been born out of that curiosity. We now have the opportunity for touch-less teaching in the classroom.

Now, we have a way to teach children stress management from the position of physical knowledge.

Now, we have a homesite that engages with all the senses of an artist using tried and true exercises and resources that we've used in our 20-year workshop.

If you haven't joined as a 6-month or 1-year renewing member, then let us offer you these changing channels when you join:

movement for our bodies

meditations for our hearts

practice for our skills

wisdom to feed our souls

breath exercises and tips for living

Love to all and thank you for your constant and joyful light in my life.

Amy Porter

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